Why Choose GXC?
Why Choose GXC?

GXC Inc. is putting the Professional back into the Security Industry.  We will pay our employees livable wages and train them and evaluate them as Security Professionals.  The industry has been watered down by Large Corporations who pay their employees minimum wage to wear a uniform to look the part.  We train and pay our Officers to do their job – which is to truly protect you and your organization – not sit there on their phones while decreasing your confidence.


We pair our Officers with industry-leading technology in both Metal Detection and X-Ray Screening Systems.  Our team of retired DHS executives train our officers to the standard of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Weapons Detection Training Program, so you can rest assured the quality and value of service you are receiving exceeds those of a large and impersonal corporation.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that their assets are in the very capable hands of a professional organization that knows protection. Every event or requirement we fulfill is addressed with unparalleled attention to detail and flexibility by providing the best service possible.


We maintain multiple levels of Product Delivery and Quality Control/Quality Assurance throughout our corporate structure to ensure no customer ever has buyers remorse.  We plan on unseating those multi-billion dollar publicly traded security company’s who only care about their own bottom line and pleasing their shareholders.  Our emphasis is providing QUALITY OFFICERS and technology so our customers reap the direct benefit.

Our Vision
Our Vision

To remain a company that has embraced diversity and has excelled in each of its primary lines of business, while earning a reputation founded on trustworthiness and reliability. We focus on being proactive, being prepared, and ensuring our customer’s assets are protected at all costs.


To do that, we focus on hiring Veterans who have recently separated from Military Service and allow them to earn a liveable wage and do what comes naturally to them – protecting and serving those they’ve sworn to keep safe.  We hire our Officers with an emphasis on Character.  We can teach anyone to protect an asset through increasing intelligence.  What we cannot teach, is emotional intelligence, and that is a hallmark of our hiring process.

GXC’s Featured Product – CEIA’s OPENGATE

OpenGate is a Revolutionary Weapons Detection System designed for the automatic screening of people in transit, including their luggage, backpacks, and bags, for the detection of Mass Casualty Metal Threats, such as high caliber assault weapons and IED devices, up to full size handguns.

First Ones There, Last Ones to Leave.
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Whether renting or purchasing equipment, we provide the engagement and expertise you need to stay safe. With everchanging regulations and evolving threats, our customers expect and get support from beginning to end.

GXC provides you with the strategy and technology to support your requirements. You also get service above and beyond industry-standard best practices for queuing and screening.

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Some of the most established and reputable businesses and organizations trust GXC Inc. – you can too.

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