Company Profile

GXC Inc is a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business which was started in August of 2017.  The company is owned and operated by Genaro Cavazos, a former Executive within the Department of Homeland Security.  With over 17 years of government experience within its company, GXC is a trusted solution which works tirelessly for the ultimate satisfaction of their customers.

Mission Statement 

It is the mission of GXC to provide the highest level of protection, security, and satisfaction to customers of any enterprise, across both the public and private sectors.   Utilizing nearly 17 years of protection, procurement and risk management experience, GXC will ensure a professional delivery of service for every environment. Our mission and focus is clear

Mission First. People Always

Vision Statement 

To become a company who has embraced diversity and has excelled in each of its primary lines of business, while earning a reputation founded on trust, and maintaining a focus on the most important assets within our company: our customers and clientele.

GXC has Diversity and Experience in its Ranks

One of the premiere core competencies of GXC Inc. is through its owner and founder,Genaro Cavazos.
Genaro as served 17 years in both the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security and has a broad understanding of the operations of the federal government. Genaro was an executive within the Department of Homeland Security who completed physical security assessments of critical Federal Facilities, wrote requirements on behalf of the Government and established Technical Evaluation Teams in ensuring the best overall value on behalf of the Government and the American tax-payer. 

We are GXC

Genaro Cavazos

Genaro is a former Executive from the Department of Homeland Security with extensive experience in law enforcement, physical security design and assessment, infrastructure protection, and security-in-depth operations. As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and General Inspection, Investigation and Enforcement Specialist (Series 1801), Genaro was responsible for the coordination of protective processes, administrative procedures, technical countermeasures, security personnel, and site assessment of over 1,500 Federal Facilities throughout his career. Responsibilities in protection ranged from assessing threat level and establishing recommended levels of protection, to scoping, designing, and ensuring the implementation of millions of dollars’ worth of technical countermeasure systems. Genaro serves as a DHS Safety Act subject-matter-expert and has been responsible for conducting, reviewing, evaluating, and delivering security assessments for multiple ‘Facility Security Level – 4 and 5’ high-profile Federal Facilities and has led in completing site survey and perimeter assessment for the Secretary of Homeland Security. Genaro has been responsible for developing, reviewing, and implementing hundreds of Facility Security Plans, Occupant Emergency Plans, and Continuity of Operations Plans. Genaro’s vast and diverse skillset allows him to lead the company into several different disciplines, making GXC a versatile and reliable resource for a client’s security needs, no matter how small or how large the opportunity.

Angela Washington

Angela has been with GXC since 2017, serving as its Chief Operations Officer.  Angela’s experience comes from supporting Department of Homeland Security Law Enforcement, Physical Security, Protective Security Officer, and Security Assessment administration and operations executives.   As Chief Operating Officer at GXC Inc., Angela Washington is responsible for the national operations of the company. She brings more than a decade of DHS experience to GXC Inc. Her experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions while providing outstanding customer service. From 2008 to joining GXC Inc. in 2017, Angela was responsible for the support of day to day operations within the Department of Homeland Security, Risk Management Branch. Starting out as administrative assistant, Angela worked and developed her professional skill set which culminated with her being a DHS HQ Liaison for the Facility Security Assessment Quality Assurance Program, responsible for assuring the quality and technical execution of the assessment of over 1,000 federal facilities. Angela’s security expertise starts with interpreting the Interagency Security Committee’s Risk Management Process and ensuring DHS adheres to the standards of quality. Angela’s attention to detail and initiative make her an ultra-reliable asset to the company.

Blake Parker

Blake is GXC’s lead for Program Management and Analysis to ensure we are delivering quality to our customer. Blake serves as a Senior Analyst with experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in addition to Program Management. His time with GXC has had him playing a tremendous role in delivering excellence to our customer base. Blake played a role in the streamlining of hundreds of EEO cases for the DoD by implementing efficient communication, accountability, and the use of personalized and detailed databases. Blake’s expertise requires he handles each project with constant monitoring, efficient deliverable, and clear guidelines. Blake prides himself on upholding standards which push past preconceived notions of efficiency. Blake’s eagerness to achieve and willingness to learn makes him an asset capable of creating efficiencies for every opportunity.

GXC employs personnel who have worked directly with the government in procurement requirements and ensuring appropriate action in relation to the Federal Acquisition Regulations and ensuring fiscal responsibility with precious government resources. 

GXC leadership has previously been responsible for effectively managing a zero-based budget of over $95M in government revenue and operational requirements.

GXC has partnered with several well-established companies like One Federal Solution, Matlock and Associates, Annapolis Defense, Advanosys, and more.

The reliability of GXC’s partner companies and the experience GXC has makes them a viable solution for any customer need.