Welcome to the future of screening. Ronin can be customized to fit any facility requirements for screening. The Ronin unit can be placed in doorways, trees, bollards, or set up traditionally like the classic walk-through magnetometer.

  • Generates alerts without dedicated monitoring and easily integrates with existing enterprise systems
  • Adjustable detection thresholds
  • Significantly higher throughput rates with increased detection capabilities
  • Pinpoints location of target specific threats on or concealed in an individual or package
  • Can be securely monitored both locally or remotely
  • Overt or Covert installations in doors, walls, traffic barriers or other objects
  • Mobile systems are available, easy to transport and set up
  • Convenient cloud based upgrades which means lower cost of ownership and operation
  • Non-Invasive; no wanding or physical pat-down required - Pace-maker compatible
  • Requires less manpower to operate