Metal Detection Technology

Weapons Detections Systems and Emerging Screening Technology

GXCs distribution partnership with CEIA USA has allowed us to develop a strong customer base which consists of Protective Agencies at the highest levels of Government as well as multi-billion dollar public and private clients, and local government and commercial small businesses. It is our versatility which allows us to service any client, big or small, and consistently exceed expectations. GXC has an in-house cadre of 10 metal detector/weapons detections systems technicians which allows unparalleled domestic and international reach.


The transport security sector is characterized by a high flow-rate of passengers. The Metal Detectors employed in this particular sector therefore have to…

Law Enforcement

The variety and scope of the services required from police forces in their work of fighting crime , protection of property and immigration…

Court and correctional facilities security

The CEIA Metal Detectors fully comply with the requirements of the NIJ0601.02 Standard for all Security Levels, and can therefore be applied in…

Schools and Building Security

In response to the need for access controls for all those entering public buildings (government buildings, museums etc.), schools and private buildings, CEIA…

Loss Prevention

CEIA has been providing industry-leading walk-through and hand held metal detector solutions for Loss Prevention applications for decades. Our clients know that detecting…

Event Security

The considerable task of planning a major security event requires the most reliable metal detectors for security checkpoint installations. Through its research…

Cargo Security

In today’s air cargo screening environments, security, speed and accuracy are key factors. The EMIS series for cargo screening offers a simple and…

Mailroom Security

Mail screening is characterized by very high security standards in order to detect detonators, batteries, electrical trigger circuits, blades and firearms concealed in…


The illegal use of cell phones is a growing and dangerous problem in correctional institutions worldwide. These devices are a significant threat to…