Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

CEIA has been providing industry-leading walk-through and hand held metal detector solutions for Loss Prevention applications for decades. Our clients know that detecting tiny high-value metal objects can be a challenge, both technically and procedurally. The CEIA Loss Prevention security team works with you to create an innovative solution that offers you the maximum reduction in product theft with the minimum impact on your business.

CEIA features security detection devices that specialize in protecting your precious metals, jewelry, and electronic items. These items are typically made from non-magnetic metals that register extremely low signals that standard security metal detectors simply cannot detect. Our wide range of solutions include hand held metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, and the most advanced computer-aided metal screening system on the market.

Precious Metals

CEIA customers include dozens of precious metal refineries, depositories, and mines worldwide. These operations typically require extraordinarily high sensitivity to detect small grams of gold, silver, and platinum group metals. Our team has extensive experience in environments with high-power equipment, heavy-metal doors, and strict access control requirement and is here to help you plan a successful security checkpoint.


Your successful jewelry manufacturing or distribution site requires tight security to maintain low cost. Rely on CEIA`s Jewelry Theft Prevention solutions to stop employee theft without slowing down your screening process. Some of the largest jewelry companies in the world rely on CEIA`s jewelry metal detectors to quickly identify theft of jewelry (and the raw materials used for producing jewelry) with extremely low nuisance alarm rates. Special products like the CEIA Loss Prevention System are the key to reducing your exposure to loss and earning a fast return on your security investment.


CEIA has deployed thousands of metal detectors worldwide for electronics theft prevention. As Loss Prevention experts, we know the delicate balance of checkpoint flow and theft detection required in this application. No company offers a wider line of metal detectors for the electronics market but, more importantly, CEIA offers the services, such as free lab testing of samples that result in a successful installation. Consumer electronics distributors and manufacturers know that electronic components have been shrinking and are harder to detect every year. CEIA has invested the engineering resources required to stay one step ahead and protect your inventory.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors
Hand Held Metal Detectors