CERTIFIED against relevant detection standards for explosive and metallic threats BULK DETECTION, based on actual material properties measurement INCREASED CHECKPOINT THROUGHPUT by elimination of shoe divestiture and X-ray check INCREASED COMFORT: passengers keep their shoes on ERGONOMICS: simple and stress-free use ANALYSIS TIME: 4 sec. typical/shoe CLEAR “OK/ALARM” inspection result


Automatic Detection of Weapons hidden in shoes and simultaneous discrimination of shoe metal components Fast, non-intrusive and effective Increase in Screening Throughput Conforms to European Detection Requirements for Airport Security

Take Advantage of Michigan's SEC-97 PA144 Funding to Prevent School Shootings

Michigan schools have an extra estimated $109/student to invest in school security measures to prevent school shootings.

Act now before your allocated funds run out.

So we can provide a demo specific to your organization, please share details about your facility, such as your current security setup and what you would like to demo.
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