The OPENGATE is a security device designed for the automatic screening of people in transit, including their
luggage and bags, for the detection of Mass Casualty Shooting Weapons and Metal Threats, such as high
caliber assault weapons and IED devices.
  • Most technologically advanced walk-through metal detection system on the market
  • Alerts to handguns and compact handguns, IEDs, rifle barrels, large-bladed knives > 7 in. –
  • Without a required divestiture of smartphones, car keys/fobs, metal water bottles, vaping devices, tablets, auxiliary chargers
  • Extreme portability – allows for quick relocation
  • Lightweight (each independent self-powered pillar weighs only about 22 lbs.)
  • Detection and signaling parameters set via downloaded CEIA OPENGATE app. designed for smartphones, tablets – IOS or Android
  • Weatherproof (suitable for indoor or outdoor)
  • DC or AC powered – Battery life is about 14 hours (runs on four 18v Lithium batteries)
  • Throughput is about 2,200 – 2,400 persons per hour
  • A near zero rate of nuisance alarms
  • Can be centrally monitored with “Net ID Anywhere” add on

Take Advantage of Michigan's SEC-97 PA144 Funding to Prevent School Shootings

Michigan schools have an extra estimated $109/student to invest in school security measures to prevent school shootings.

Act now before your allocated funds run out.

So we can provide a demo specific to your organization, please share details about your facility, such as your current security setup and what you would like to demo.
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