We are proud to be partners with the Advanosys Security and Automation Technologies (ASAT) team. Our team views access control as one of the most basic and essential requirements to enhance premise security. ASAT offers state of the art solutions from many of the leading manufacturers. The selection of the right product to meet initial and long term needs is an essential step for consideration. From a small application to an enterprise services - security solutions - access control Solutions 1solution that incorporates thousands of secured portals and hundreds of thousands of users, we have the appropriate solution — be it utilizing in-house server management, managed from our UL-Listed central station or management via Cloud-based secured servers, and Federal FICAM and PIV II compliant platforms…ASAT has the solution to meet your needs.

Access control, in most cases, is simply a recommended replacement technology for the use of keys and related hardware. With implementation of the most basic access control technology, whether it’s a numerical pin pad or card/key fob “credential,” this technology replaces the issuance of a physical key with the ability to manage an individual’s entry or exit access to specific locations, as well as by time and date.

A typical commercial building may issue credentials to personnel that allows general access to the main lobby and personnel doors during normal business hours, but can then also offer select individual’s into heightened security areas such as elevator call and floor access or exclusive office suites. After hours may limit some personnel to a specific, limited entry portal and designated office, whereas others may be denied access after general business hours to the building altogether. Virtually any combination is readily available with the very sophisticated access control platforms we offer.

Not only does access control limit personnel mobility through a facility, but the right system can also track every authorized use and unauthorized attempts by individual identification, time location and date. The other benefit of having all locking systems electrified is to allow for a managed automatic unlock to occur as well as needed for a manual or integration with an emergency notification system, the auto lockdown of every location.

Once again, it is our philosophy to select a product that meets with the initial and long-term needs of our clients. Installing a system at a very small facility should allow for unlimited expansion of future additional facilities in a managed platform for unlimited number of users. The technology is readily available, it makes sense to not be limited in size or scope.

The access control platform should also have services - security solutions - access control Solutions 3a direct interface for operation with the intrusion detection platform as well as the video management system for verification of all event occurrence and base level security breach detection. Keeping in mind that the access control credential with the inherent ability to limit access through a secured door or portal by time and date does not equate to the area actually being secured. The integrated access platform with space intrusion detection, video coverage and verification are the essentials for an appropriately secured space, be it a single office, an entire building, a campus level facility or multiple such sites across the world.

Please view our list of major manufacturers supported. Via our industry association and partners, virtually every major control system is available as well as all reader and identification type technologies including that of multiple biometric platforms utilizing fingerprint, iris verification, facial recognition and others. Our solutions always incorporate the appropriate recognition of meeting life safety requirements as well as the mentioned essentials for multiple system integration.

For access control into a single door, a building wide application image055including elevator access and specialty vault and/or secure, sealed lab type applications, to access control related for secured vehicle entry, the ASAT team has the appropriate world class solution to meet your requirements along with the essential need for emergency level service response and preventative maintenance coverage to protect the overall investment’s operational longevity.

See our list of partnering manufacturers and related services. Please note that the applications and/or manufacturer information shown here does not represent our complete list of available solutions. Due to our partnerships with various distributors and associations, virtually all manufacturers related to these services are available. Please inquire for additional information on any solution desired.

Highlighted Manufacture Partner List
  • On-site Server Based Mercury Hardware – UTC Interlogix Full Line (Lenel from partner)
  • Cloud or On-site Server Based Mercury Hardware – Feenics Keep Platform
  • Identive ID Authentication and PIV Approved Platform – Hirsch Identive
  • AMAG Symmetry FICAM Approved Full Featured Platform – AMAG
  • Several Other Major Solution Platforms Available Including – Genetec