Our approach to virtually all security applications is to understand and attempt to address security applications and procedures at the perimeter. Through partnership with ASAT, GXC offers a vast selection of world class technologies and manufacturers to meet the challenges of large scale perimeter protection, detection and incident verification requirements. The perimeter maybe that of a small facility including a single room, a vault, etc. or that of a complete large building and or the perimeter of an entire campus, industrial facility or military base. The ability to control access, detect personnel or vehicle movement, and/or unwanted penetration to the defined perimeter is the recommended first step to addressing the security needs of any facility. Going back through history, the example of the fort and it’s walls and/or the castle with its’ walls, moat and outer secured perimeter, is a very good example of how to view the best methods of keeping any area or the complete space within best secure.

Areas that are quite public, including commercial office space, schools and universities, and even the military base, does require allowed access; however, controlling all points of access to designated areas that allow for supervised monitoring of entry and exit, and ability to further restrict access points down to one or just a few during levels of heightened security need or for general benefit during off hour facility usage is the best possible plan. The equipment technology and procedures available for use to help secure the perimeter of any kind comprised of the many technology solutions listed under our provided solutions. Where secured personnel entry is available, turnstiles and access control door or gate authorized entry is essential.

The monitoring of all incoming and exterior activity with video technology is also a baseline requirement. Where it’s possible to have designated vehicle entries, where an interface gate and/or full K12 vehicle barrier is possible, this is also highly recommended. The existence of an established perimeter such as a fence, wall, etc., is also ideal as the physical structure becomes a medium that the appropriate detection sensors can be deployed to initiate the presence of entering personnel and the potential to verify via a live and/or captured recording of the event including details of visual, physical appearance and license plate capture, as well as other identifying details.

See our list of partnering manufacturers and related services. Please note that the applications and/or manufacturer information shown here does not represent our complete list of available solutions. Due to our partnerships with various distributors and associations, virtually all manufacturers related to these services are available. Please inquire for additional information on any solution desired. These include fencing manufactures, vehicle and personnel gates, personnel turnstiles, vehicle and personnel barriers including K-rated planters, fixed and retractable bollards, major vehicle anti-pass barrier systems and shredders.

  • Fence, Barriers and Secured Personnel and Vehicle Inspection Portals GatekKeeper, Delta Barriers
  • Underground personnel detection sensors, fence and pipeline protection
  • Fiber based perimeter detection Senstar Fiber Patrol 
  • All facets of video coverage along with detection analytics
  • Robotic automated guard tour systems
  • All manners of intrusion detection sensors including heat, motion and seismic
  • Automated, managed lighting and emergency notification stations