Intrusion Detection Security Systems

Our team considers intrusion detection coverage to be the most essential security solution as well as the basis of all security coverage. As with the rest of the ASAT technologies and services, we offer state of the art products from well-known, industry manufacturers to assure that we have the right products to meet our clients’ needs. Along with intrusion detection coverage, access control and video management solutions (VMS) are the core solutions of any secured facility. The integration of these three systems provides the assured coverage to initiate the desired emergency response prior to any unauthorized entry and provides the potential for real-time verification of events upon the intrusion detection alarm’s initial communication.

Intrusion Detection Systems

It is surprising how often the critical component of intrusion detection is missing. Too often, access control (ie. authorized, managed key entry) and/or video camera coverage (to record the event) are the only technologies put in place. Without intrusion detection coverage of the entire space, unauthorized entry is invited. Frequently, you’ll observe a building with front and rear glass doors, a lobby area and several offices or individual spaces that may also have perimeter windows. The facility has implemented access control on all doors along with video cameras at main entries but no other security technology. Something as simple as a brick thrown through the elaborately secured access control front doors or any window (or for that matter through the drywall in the lobby to office areas) and an unauthorized individual has gained entry and maybe had their video taken. With the appropriate intrusion detection equipment in place, the instant the glass broke the audible alarm and dispatch of the assigned emergency personnel would have occurred.

The intrusion detection technology should be the highest consideration for immediate dispatch of authorized security response, ie. police, special security team and the company owner, property manager, etc. The integrated intrusion detection, access and video allows for a seamless process where the building and individual spaces can be manually or automatically armed and recognition of authorized access control to disarm with appropriate user rights. The video platform is essential to document what occurred and with today’s

technology, immediate receipt of the intrusion detection event can have our UL-central station operators viewing the precise area of violation as well as video or still image being sent to the property’s designated response team or individual. From the most basic space such as a secured closet or locker housing valuable items to an entire campus-wide application, all areas in need of secured space for valuables, personnel, etc. should consider the intrusion detection platform as the most essential required technology.

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