Active Shooter Gunshot Detection, Integrated Lock-Down and Notification

The ASAT team has quite a bit of experience with one of the most recent innovative technologies to assist with the immediate response of law enforcement and trained personnel based on the detection and verification of gunshot activity.

This advanced Automatic Gunshot Detection, Location & Notification technology along with the ability for integrated Auto Lockdown capability has become much more sophisticated as the technology catches up with the concept. Essentially the audio unique signature of the gun shot activity is captured and put through a series of digital algorithms to verify that type of activity being present. With the use of GPS technology and several sensors, the location can be extremely accurate for location of all activity. This technology is available for large exterior space such as city-wide applications and now available for interior, room to room based active shooter interior gunshot and location applications as well. Several corresponding technologies are frequently additionally utilized to allow for the immediate notification of event as well as verification and surveillance of area to capture all potential activity to allow responders the most detailed information for the best case scenario to identify and remain safe upon investigation of gunshot activity.

For interior applications we are proud to offer the latest technology from Shooter Detection Systems – The Guardian System that incorporates the unique audio signature technology as well as infrared capture of the muzzle flash to accurately determine and pinpoint the location and verification of actual gunshot activity.

This Automatic Gunshot Detection, Locating and Notification equipment immediately locates the gunshot location on mapping graphics of the facility and as with all technologies and services we offer, can be directly integrated to pull up prioritized video monitoring for all detection areas, can initiate automated lock down process, initiate appropriate lighting, life safety emergency system activation, detailed instructional information dissemination, a virtual endless level of integration is available to assist in the response team’s effectiveness as well as to attempt to isolate or contain potential shooter activity.

All such equipment and system technology deployment is designed to first and foremost add a greater level of protection to all personnel associated with the nature of the facility or municipality and to assist in the appropriate evacuation process and response team effectiveness and safety concerns as well. Please see the associated other services and technologies including access control, integrated video management, life safety evacuation systems, muster reporting technologies and the many other security, automation, life safety and disaster prevention technologies the ASAT team provides on an ongoing basis to clients across the Americas.