The ASAT team has quite a bit of experience with one of the most recent innovative technologies to assist with the immediate response of law enforcement and trained personnel based on the detection and verification of gunshot activity.

Through our ASAT services and security solutions - SYSTEM DESIGN AND CONSULTING 2team, we incorporate our own design, engineering and consulting team as well as work with our various world-class manufacturers and other design architects, engineering and consulting firms to provide our clients with the highest level of appropriate technology and best-value, long-term solutions. Our design services are frequently built into our client offering as well as providing direct consulting and design services to meet specific client needs. We have virtually every drawing platform available including 3D modeling to assist with our client need for both identifying the initial content of the best solution to meet their specific security, automation and life safety requirements and/or to help identify and understand what is already in place that maybe best enhanced with further modifications and updates of equipment and technology.

The complete documentation of all new platforms is inclusive with most designs and less-specifically excluded, and we highly recommend that a complete documentation be put together for any existing platforms that are critical in nature as most of our offered systems are. Our rate structure for design and engineering is tiered based on our participation within the project and/or our offered exclusive or independent of our providing any services beyond the design, engineering and consulting or related professional services. See our list of partnering manufacturers and related services. Please note that the applications and/or manufacturer information shown here does not represent our complete list of available solutions. Due to our partnerships with various distributors and associations, virtually all manufacturers related to these services are available. Please inquire for additional information on any solution desired.