GXC and the ASAT team once again has selected the world’s most innovative manufacturers and product lines to offer our clients the most Cyber Secured and State of the Art Technical Video Solutions to meet all video related needs, be they security, general facilities management, or virtually an endless list of services and benefits now derived from the video world. No other technology has advanced so greatly in the last decade for multiple beneficial use from a single technology than video. From the new and innovative megapixel IP digital cameras to the existing analog camera technology that has been in place for the last 40 years, a virtually unlimited level of benefits are now easily deliverable. The video cameras previous use was frequently delegated to only monitoring a space for security related needs. In today’s world a single camera can deliver a tremendous amount of data due to the processor its connected with. The VMS (video management system) technology of today allows for an amazing level of information to be delivered to where and whomever it is needed on a real time basis. The VMS system in a single facility or across a thousand facilities can operate as if it is a single video server sitting in front of the end user. From cloud based and internet user interface, live video fees are readily available from anywhere around the world utilizing the power of managed bandwidth.

We offer solutions that accommodate all existing platforms, if your facility has 2 or 2000 existing analog cameras, chances are the majority of those are adequate for coverage. The use of IP megapixel technology certainly provides a much greater level of details, especially in wide view areas allowing a single camera to view and capture what it may have taken several analog cameras to achieve. Analog cameras used for smaller spaces, i.e. stairwell, interior hall or doorway, maybe quite sufficient and allowing the processor to incorporate a video analytic to perform tasks such as counting the number of people who entered, exited, large, small, by color, etc. even existing older infrastructure such as coax cable may still be utilized for the new generation IP cameras, in fact, coax allows for a much longer cable run than the common CAT5 so the utilization of existing infrastructure is usually quite still available.

The quantity of cameras and duration of storage is a major consideration, all based on the resolution setting and frame rate capture, we have provided in our resource section a wonderful calculator to precisely determine the storage capacity needed based on all of these services - security solutions - Video Management Solutions 3considerations. From the very small, single four- eight- sixteen-camera platforms to the thousands at a single or across multiple facilities are all easily accommodated. Bandwidth throttling is now readily available to allow G3 and G4 type wireless connectivity to deliver quality, usable video in real time along with secured WIFI, Mesh Network and secured tunneling communication protocols.

Gate-Keeper Operational

On-board storage of cameras and miniature storage has revolutionized the ability to view areas in real time and to forensically go back in time, even months if not years, to view what occurred. As far as we know, none yet available to see in the future as to what is going to happen, but not far off.

In previous sections of our offered services, video is mentioned virtually everywhere as a critical tool. For the basis of any security application, our most critical suggestion is the combination of video, intrusion detection and access control. With this combination, you have achieved the ability to control who enters, when and where, at what time, the detection of all non-authorized entry by any means, and the real time viewing to verify all breaches as well as to document all occurrences at all times within the covered area. the same combination can deliver to the facilities manager or operational efficiency manager, data critical to any facility’s operation. the camera designed to monitor a breach, now can tell you how many people entered the building, when, size and shape, similar to vehicles, etc.

To define some of the benefits of today’s video platform, the acronyms of the ALPR stands for automatic license plate recognition system and META data is the data that is applicable to virtually any process including that of a scanning platform found at the U.S. Postal Service that scans every package on the conveyor belt, data from the sales process, ie. cash register, is referred to as POS or point of sale data. And the list goes on and on of information that can be integrated into our operating platforms and customized end user dashboard to provide all operational information that is deemed most important to the entity who is need.

A facilities director maybe concerned about services - security solutions - Video Management Solutions 4movement of product and data, the status of when a facility opened or closed, the number of vehicles in/out of that facility, the amount of power draw, the list goes on and on. A security director maybe looking at exclusively issues of personnel access and certainly violations in and around the facility. The IT director looking at critical issues of temperature and humidity associated with their critical platforms along with data flow, bandwidth usage, switch and server performance, whereas the operational management team and corporate staff wanting to know overall efficiency rates. What was total sales based on locations around the country, number of customers entering their store, number of transactions conducted, issues of weather, holiday or other interruptions that caused an anomaly in operational efficiency, all of this information can be captured and harnessed and delivered in real time to who needs it where.

Back to the acronyms, the ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) is a data capture from the video platform that can document the signature of every vehicle passing through a designated portal. Perhaps all trucks entering the shipping facility in a higher security portal, not only capturing the license plate, but looking at the NCI data to flag any known criminal stats or by entering specific previous ex-employee, etc., flagging that data as the vehicle approaches the check point. A camera along a municipal highway can also track all passing personnel for identifying critical data. The META data, including point of sale (POS) is practically infinite in what information can be absorbed into our client dashboard. For instance, the access control system supplies:

  • all data for personnel entering and/or exiting the facility
  • perhaps it is important to note when the bank opened in the morning
  • at what time the cash drop occurred at the end of the day
  • what time the facility was armed and secured.
The point of sale or transaction meta data can convey:
  • total receipts
  • number of transactions
  • number of credits issued
  • all by individual sign in at register to identify anomalies and exceptional levels of performance, both of which maybe of high interest.
  • tracking of data on a conveyor line or as scanned off the truck
  • number of shipped and received

The list goes on and on of what can be extracted.

With the megapixel video technology the standard camera looking into a lobby now can be asked to provide:

Video Facts – Video Intelligence of the Retail Industry
  • the data of how many people entered, where did they go and the travel path…
  • how long did they stay in the facility, how long at what location, what activities…
  • was there a large mass of personnel gathered at any given time or unusual void of activity
  • was there activity in areas where there should have not been any due to restricted space…

All ex-tractable data that can be delivered to the end user for great management, security and/or general performance tracking is available. Similarly, a video camera monitoring a general roadway or a secured facility can denote how many vehicles pass in any given direction, ie entered or exited. That camera data can be queried to denote: Video Analytics For Every Activity Prioritized Notification

  • Counting – how many of those vehicles were trucks or cars, persons other…
  • By Color, Size, Shape – how many blue cars versus white cars…
  • By Direction – how about the interest of knowing when a vehicle or a person  is traveling in the wrong direction via a designated lane…
  • By Area, Penetration of Designated Border – a vehicle or person entered a sensitive area and…
  • By Space – knowing that a vehicle, a person, a package was stationary in any given area for longer than the allowed designated period, 1 minute, 5, one hour…

It is rather amazing what available data is now available from infrastructure and technology such as a camera that is already in place that was originally utilized for the basic purpose of knowing when the train came in the station. That camera can now denote that a suitcase was left behind and stationary beyond ten minutes or that a large object was placed into a trash can, all of this data is available at our clients fingertips via our security, automation, life safety and disaster prevention user interface.

One of our premier security platforms comes from our manufacturing partner at GateKeeper. This product is referenced in other sections and is used across the planet for high security applications. It is an automated, under vehicle surveillance and inspection platform. This sealed unit has built in heating, cooling and IR illumination to allow for its installation from the arctic to the equator. As a vehicle, be it a car, large truck or train, passes over it the unit documents the undercarriage in an image that expands the view beyond what the human eye would see. p-gkh-2011-2Gate-Keeper Operational Video. For an SUV, the image captured allows you to see above all differentials and behind most base equipment of guards, exhaust, etc. The captured image is recognized as the type of vehicle based on manufacturing and any anomaly, such as a modified exhaust system or an item the size of a mounted cigarette pack is immediately flagged as an anomaly . With the Gate Keeper undercarriage inspection documentation, along with the license plate recognition, each time that vehicle interacts with the system denotes all differences. If concerned about a foreign device coming into a secured facility or leaving a secured facility with material, the system automatically detects the differences.

Please see our section related Gatekeeper Video and Vehicle Inspection and undercarriage monitoring for additional information along with the direct links associated here of our partnering manufactures and services.

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