Want to become a better Private Detective? Join our Private Detective Training Boot Camp, the first of its kind on the East Coast!

Brought to you by GXC and their partners, a professionally operated,  Private Detective Training Boot Camp. This 40 hour course will cover use of databases, surveillance tools, techniques, and legal implications, investigative intuition and analysis, use of force, firearms safety. Those that complete the training may eligible for sponsorship for a Maryland private detective license as well as receiving the minimum training required for the MD Handgun Qualification License. Private Detective Agency Licensees are required to work under a licensed detective agencies for 5 years prior to being eligible to be licensed as an independent agency with a few exceptions for law enforcement and other investigative positions. GXC will assist with placement and referral assistance.

Course costs include, private detective training and license fees. Handgun Wear and Carry permit training and licensing assistance is available for an additional $250.

$135 non-refundable deposit is due at registration

COD purchases must mail or deliver a check or money order to reserve their seat.

Call GXC for more information.