The Gear

  • Mandatory hearing and eye protection devices. Over ear hearing pro recommended. Eye pro must be impact resistant and appropriate for the day’s lighting conditions, prescription eyewear must be impact resistant if used as primary eye pro.
  • Semi Automatic handgun w/at least four magazines or Revolver with 4-6 speed loaders
  • belt mount handgun magazine/speedloader carrier
  • Drop leg or belt mount dump pouch
  • Handgun holster (drop-leg or belt mount)
  • Semi-automatic rifle (AR15 or AK variant carbine recommended) w/at least 4 magazines and sling for tactical carry
  • Rifle magazine pouches (Belt or vest/carrier mount)
  • A tactical vest/plate carrier may be used for all drills for carrying equipment/holsters
  • 200 rounds each, rifle/pistol FMJ recommended
  • Field type Rifle/Pistol cleaning equipment (toothbrush, CLP; range is gravel)
  • Knee and elbow pads may be used (range is gravel)
  • Head cover (watch cap, boonie hat, or ball cap recommended)
  • Good attitude

The Drills-


  1. Quick Fire-Rifle (Three Rounds) one staff per shooter
  2. Quick Fire, Multiple Targets-Rifle (Unlimited Rounds, Shooter Timed, Score per instructions) 2 shooters/5 target frames/silhouettes/shooter.
  3. Quick Fire/Reload (two Magazines, load/instructions, Timed, score=time) one staff per shooter, 7 bowling pins
  4. Drop and shoot (Multiple Targets/Designated colors, Timed, Unlimited Rounds) One shooter w/RSO shadow, 10 bowling pins five each Blue, Black


  1. Transition Drill (two rounds rifle-unlimited pistol) two shooters, 5 bowling pins, timed
  2. El Presidente (timed-three targets, six rounds/shooter-2 cycles. Cycle 1 facing targets, cycle 2 back to target-turn and draw on signal) two shooters, (may rotate each squad through both cycles twice)
  3. Murphy Drill-(range cover simulator; Coach to load 2 magazines, 10 rounds with at least one snap cap <shooter must recover snap cap>) One shooter w/RSO, six targets-three per cover, engage first 3 targets-mag change and immediate action behind cover *safety critical*; safe move to next cover, engage final three targets. timed+scored (fastest time and highest score) (Two rotations)

The Cost

The program will cost: ( lunch included )

$215-bring your own kit, guns, and ammo

$280-$345 if we supply ammo,

$300-$385 if we supply guns and ammo.