Protective Security

Protection professionals you can trust.

Protective Security

Protection professionals you can trust.

Armed and Unarmed Security Services

GXC security professionals receive first-class training from experience, licensed instructors in a state-of-the-art training facility, using cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Our staff selection program adheres to rigorous standards of training and professionalism to ensure the highest reliance and peace of mind for our clients.

GXC and its partners are managed by professional staff with decades of military and law enforcement training. This training, experience, and understanding of the challenge of addressing the potential threats faced by clients with the need for peaceful and courteous professionals to fit the appearance of the client and their patrons.

GXC offers multiple levels of security services ranging from unarmed and armed uniformed security, plain-clothed security for loss-prevention, and low visibility security requirements, through personal and executive protection services. All of our security professionals are trained and evaluated for each role. Each member of the GXC team is chosen through a performance-based assessment program. Through the initial interview, training, and final assessment, each member is evaluated by our veteran management team.

Contact us today to discuss how GXC can address your security needs. GXC has the staff and know-how to satisfy every security requirement:

  • Gatherings small and large
  • Building and complex physical security and surveillance
  • Religious community and facility protection
  • Personal and group protection, escort, and transportation

Take Advantage of Michigan's SEC-97 PA144 Funding to Prevent School Shootings

Michigan schools have an extra estimated $109/student to invest in school security measures to prevent school shootings.

Act now before your allocated funds run out.

So we can provide a demo specific to your organization, please share details about your facility, such as your current security setup and what you would like to demo.
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