Court and Correctional Facilities Security

Any CEIA Metal Detector fully complies with the requirements of the NIJ0601.02 Standard for all Security Levels and can therefore be applied in situations from the inspection of visitors to that of inmates in top-security checkpoints, even in areas with strong electrical and mechanical interferences.

  • Fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 (Walk-Through Metal Detectors for Use in Concealed Weapon and Contraband Detection)
  • Law Enforcement Standard
  • Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar
  • Accurate Pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets
  • Exceptional immunity to external interferences
  • Unmatched Reliability with security screening

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

HI-PE Multi Zone


  • Accurate Detection of magnetic,
    non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapons
  • High Discrimination and Throughput
  •  Exceptional Immunity to environmental
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Rapid Installation

PMD2 Plus

  • Superior Detection and Throughput
  • High Discrimination of Non-Threat Items
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • Compliant with the strictest Security Standards for weapons detection
  • New mechanical structure with IP66- IP65 protection degree
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Aesthetic, Unobtrusive and Light Weight
  • Rapid Installation

SMD600 Plus

  • HIGH SENSITIVITY – Fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 Law Enforcement Standard
  • HIGH DISCRIMINATION – Compliant with and Certified to the strictest Standards for Airport security screening
  • The SMD600 Plus is the first Metal Detector in the market fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 Standard, as required in very high sensitivity applications, which also allows very high throughput in high security public screening checkpoints.

HI-PE Plus

    • Accurate Detection of all Metallic Threat Items
    • High Discrimination and Throughput
    • Very low nuisance alarm rate
    • Won’t alarm to car keys/fobs, steel-toed shoes, sunglasses, wristwatches, coins, standard belt buckles
    • High transit flow rate (persons throughput)
    • Exceptional immunity to external interferences
    • Compliant with and certified to the strictest security standards for weapons detection
    • Unmatched Reliability
    • Rapid Installation
    • Panel Design
    • Optional: Integrated Web-server and logger, battery backup, and charger


  • Wide Search Area for Faster and Accurate Screening Operations
  • Elegant, Robust and Ergonomic
  • High Immunity to Floor Rebars allows Lower-Body Screening without Sensitivity Reduction
  • Uniform Detection of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Targets
  • Full Digital Design: Consistent Performance and Calibration-Free Operations
  • Detection of radioactive substances and materials (option)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Operations


  • NIJ Standard – 0602.02 Compliant
  • Compact, Elegant, Robust and Ergonomic
  • Uniform Detection of Magnetic and non-Magnetic Targets
  • Full Digital Design: Consistent Performance and Calibration-Free Operations
  • Detection of radioactive substances and materials (option)
  • Extended Continuous Operation Time
  • Advanced Configuration Capability
  • Indoor and Outdoor Operations

Hand Held Metal Detectors

SMD600 Plus-MI2

EMA series

  • Certified according to ECAC performance requirements for Type B and Type A* Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS)
  • Accurate automatic inspection of sealed and unsealed LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels) in ~ 5 sec. (Type B) and ~ 4 sec. (Type A)
  • Compact size and ergonomic design
  • Certified to screen liquids in clear, colored and opaque plastic and glass, metal and metallized containers
  • Very low combined Nuisance Alarm Rate: < 0.4%
  • No-ionizing source or part in movements
  • No maintenance required

Liquid Explosive Detection Systems

Ferromagnetic Detectors


  • Detection of all cell phones and ferrous contraband concealed on the person or in body cavities (including keyfob cell phones, smart phones, radio transceivers, etc.)
  • Constant Sensitivity across the detection area in pass-through operations
  • Multi-Zone targeting indication identifies location of contraband on the body
  • Covert operation through use of BT wireless headset
  • Fully weather proof for outdoor use (IP65 certified)
  • 26 hours continuous use on embedded battery operation
  • Unmatched detection in all environments without adjustment
  • Extremely durable design
  • No assembly required: set-up in less than 10 seconds


  • Automatic inspection of parcels and letters up to 45 cm in width and 7.5 cm thickness
  • Detection of detonators, batteries, trigger circuits and other metallic components of letter bombs
  • No alarm on metal staples, paper-clips and metal binding spirals
  • Ergonomic, compact design
  • Confirmation of signal (OK/ALARM) for each package inspected
  • Operates on mains power supply and with NiMH rechargeable batteries (opt.)
  • No calibration or periodic maintenance required
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Optional embedded radioactive material detector

Mail Screening Devices

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